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Mother's song by Km92 Mother's song :iconkm92:Km92 178 23
Haruno Sakura:the character, the meaning, the hate
The Team goes into the forest, as we all know a very dangerous one, that's why it was called the Forest of Death. As we all know there are at the beginning some incidents at the beggining as Naruto got caught by another ninja and then comes the battle with Orochimaru.
You'll say that Sakura was useless though I disagree with you. Yes, she did not fought like Naruto or Sasuke did, but in that battle she served more of a trigger for Sasuke to fight Orochimaru and did the best she could. Remember that at that time, Sakura served as the brains of the team, which is highly contradictory with useless. As far as I know, useless means having no beneficial use. Well, Sakura proven herself to be beneficial in the missions, even though her actions were smaller in power-scale compared with her team-mate
:iconchatteart:ChatteArt 17 15
Haruno Sakura:the character, the meaning, the hate

I. Shinobi = Emotionless tools.
II. How one can become stronger by protecting the ones important for them.

Now let's take them one by one.
I. Shinobi = emotionless tools.
A tool called Shinobi.

As Kakashi and Zabuza start fighting throughout these two fighting, Kishi introduces to us the concept of the what a true Shinobi meant at that time, as I stated before, as Zabuza said that he gained a high quality tool for himself, a fighting machine known as a Shinobi who doesn't have a heart nor fear of death. Furthermore Kishi explaines how one, in order to become that perfect tool, has to erase its humanity like Zabuza has done with Haku by training him from his early ages.
While Kakashi and Zabuza fight, he orders Sakura to stay and protect Tazuna because this fight is seri
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Haruno Sakura:the character, the meaning, the hate
Ok, so I've promised this post for a long time ago and here it is, at last.
This will be mainly about Haruno Sakura, the female member of Team 7, the heroine of this story, wether you like it or not. I am not here for your shipping wars, I could care less about it as I am a multi-shipper and in the end I'm going to get what I want, while some of you will be whining over the fact that your pairing didn't get to be cannon.
I like Sakura as a character, not because she's been made for the sake of a pairing. I like Sakura because she is so perfect with her imperfections, yes, imperfections, that any of the people nowadays could be.
I am saying this because I am looking at the people bashing her and they're not even 10% of what she is/represents, yet people bash her just to make Hinata look bette
:iconchatteart:ChatteArt 40 63
+++ This Ain't A Love Story +++ (scene) by AngelJasiel +++ This Ain't A Love Story +++ (scene) :iconangeljasiel:AngelJasiel 288 105 Mr. Enter's Notebook - Finally a Lesson by MrEnter Mr. Enter's Notebook - Finally a Lesson :iconmrenter:MrEnter 175 223 Deep One vs Chainsaw ( Blood Added ) by Cutefuzzyweasel
Mature content
Deep One vs Chainsaw ( Blood Added ) :iconcutefuzzyweasel:Cutefuzzyweasel 11 1
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Avoiding Unfortunate Implications: The Characters
One of my most asked questions is “how to avoid unfortunate implications.” And as such, we’re going to be talking about a wide range of issues that are probably going… to make some people very angry. We’re going to be talking about things like diversity and empowerment and stereotypes. So… um… get ready. It’s going to be a tough one. The short answer to this question is that you usually don’t. You make the story that you want to tell, let it sit for awhile, and then come back to it, or someone else reads it. If something feels off, then we rewrite it, until it works. But that would make a very short, boring entry, for a topic that has a lot to talk about.
Let’s talk about our most useful tool: swapping. It should help us with our first, and most common problem with unfortunate implications - protagonist centered morality. Basically what you do is write your story out, but with the protagonist as the antagonist. If what goes on
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 495 376
Short Film - Viacom Sues Life
Guy runs into Viacom office
Guy: “sir, sir, Tommy Kenny is dead!”
Viacom manager “Wow… that’s terrible.”
Guy: “So… who are we going to get to do Spongebob’s voice?”
Viacom manager: “Tom Kenny, like always.”
Guy: “But he’s dead, sir.”
Viacom manager: “I’m afraid I don’t understand. Tom Kenny is able to do a lot of parts and still play Spongebob.
Guy: No, when someone dies it means they don’t come back.
Viacom manager: What!? We have a contract! He can’t do this!
Guy: Do you know what dead means?
Viacom manager: That it’s a prime candidate for a reboot or remake. That’s it, we’ll reboot Tom Kenny!
Guy: That’s not how it works. In the real world, when people die, they never come back. It’s just a fact of life.
Viacom manager: You know what this means, right?
The guy looks on confused.
Viacom manager: We’re going to take life itself to
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 292 159
we'll stand together by Obscure-jam we'll stand together :iconobscure-jam:Obscure-jam 17 1 Happy Father's Day - Armin and Alexy by Obscure-jam Happy Father's Day - Armin and Alexy :iconobscure-jam:Obscure-jam 29 2


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Item #: SCP-2000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2000 is to be kept in a 50ft x 50ft x 20ft room, unless in the case of a containment breach. Each wall consists of stone tiles layered over iron frames. The contents of the room varies constantly, but usually includes a queen-sized Victorian-styled bed, a laptop, several bookcases, a television and various types of console gaming systems. Four surveillance cameras are to be stationed in areas where SCP-2000 can see them at all times. Food should only be delivered upon request, never on a regular basis.

Note: Due to the discovery of SCP-2000 tampering with Surveillance cameras, they are to be removed and inspected once every month before they are replaced.

Description: SCP-2000 appears to be a female of both African and Asian descent. Its skin is dark and its hair and eyes are black. Its ears are elongated a pointed at the tips in a fashion that faculty members are describing as "elfish." It is approximately 63 inches (160 centimeters) tall and 98 pounds (44.45 grams) large. Although it claims to be a fifteen-year-old girl, those who it has had certain interactions with for long periods of time say otherwise.

SCP-2000 has the ability to change or materialize the composition and overall programming of an object and/or organism within its line of sight with little to no effort by simply voicing what it wants. It's noted that any living creature being manipulated by SCP-2000 can undergo a complete change of personality or mental control and can even undergo physical mutations/enhancements. Such instances show defiance to the laws of physics, the laws of conservation of matter, the laws of thermodynamics, and so on, which will be referred to as SCP-2000-1. It shows very little signs of having a conscience, empathy or any overall positive emotions when faced with another biological specimen. It will typically emit a series of low-pitched sound waves upon looking directly at a single organism that only it can hear, presumably to subconsciously make said organism less hostile. Class-D personnel, after speaking with SCP-2000, describe its behavior as "cruel" or "stoic" or "condescending." During a testing sequence, the SCP would request that the Class-D personnel refer to it as a different name each time, always starting with a "K."

Any attempt to enter SCP-2000's chamber or communicate with it in any type of way outside of testing sequences is prohibited and will be met with immediate suspension for no less than five months.

SCP-2000 was recovered from a boarding school in [DATA-EXPUNGED] after local authorities refused to arrest the suspect of the disappearance of [REDACTED] students and [REDACTED] faculty members. We've come to the conclusion that SCP-2000 induced some form of psychosis on the officers to deter their will to go after it. The case file recovered from the investigative report suggested that every victim had at one point doubted or challenged the abilities of SCP-2000. It was later found eating a piece of cake while hovering above the school pool. To prevent media coverage of the incident, all [DATA-WITHHELD] along with the school.

Addendum 5: [Dr. [WITHHELD] recalls his conversation with SCP-2000 to Dr. [EXPUNGED] during a surveillance camera inspection.]

Dr. [WITHHELD]: "First, she asked me to call her Katherine, and then we just had an idle conversation about politics. . ."

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "You mean 'it.'"

Dr. [WITHHELD]: "Huh?"

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "You said 'she,' it's an 'it.'"

Dr. [WITHHELD]: "Oh. Right, right. . ."

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "So? Anything else?"

Dr. [WITHHELD]: [He appears to be uncomfortable.] "At some point, it asked me how to access the files of all the SCP's through its laptop. And at first I refused, but then it put its hand on my shoulder and demanded that I tell it. So, I did."

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "What?! Why?!"

Dr. [WITHHELD]: "Oh, come on! You've read her file!"

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "Its file."

Dr. [WITHHELD]: "Its file. You know what she can do! I had no control over it!"

Dr. [EXPUNGED]: "So it's had an effect on you, huh. . .? So, that would make you SCP-2000- . . . 4?"

SCP-2000-4: "No! You can't do that! I'll be sure that she won't let you!"

[SCP-2000-4 is escorted out of the room and eventually placed in containment.]

Addendum 6: Dr. [EXPUNGED] went missing three hours after his talk with SCP-2000-4. However, a white Siamese kitten was found in his office. It was labeled SCP-2000-5 and was placed in containment with SCP-2000 after a request to do so.

Addendum 9: [The following is the second video-recorded conversation between SCP-2000 and SCP-2000-1 on [DATA-WITHHELD.]]

[SCP-2000 and SCP-2000-1 are sitting on the bed that was recorded as materialized at 7:25 a.m.]

SCP-2000-1: "Well, hello again, little girl."

SCP-2000: "Good evening."

SCP-2000-1: "That's a pretty little dress you're wearing."

SCP-2000: "As is yours."

SCP-2000-1: "Heh-heh, that's very funny. . . You know, before I got locked-up and dragged out to this place, I had a . . . thing for little girls like you." [He places his left hand on its inner-thigh.] "You want me to show you what I did to them?"

SCP-2000: [It raises its right hand] "You can see the real me."

SCP-2000-1: "What does that me- Whuh?! What the hell?!" [He stands and steps away from SCP-2000 in panic] "O-Open the door! Let me out!"

SCP-2000: [It places its hand on SCP-2000-1's head] "You desire to release SCP-106."

[SCP-2000-1 undergoes a series of convulsions for twenty seconds as his limbs begin to swell and tear through the fabric of his uniform. He now appears to be something akin to a werewolf and destroys the door. He is soon terminated just before he can make it to SCP-106's container.]

End of Video.

Note: It is advised that anyone that interacts with SCP-2000 from here on displays composure of indifference and politeness to avoid any further accidents.

Addendum 11: [The following is an audio recording of a conversation between SCP-2000 and SCP-689. Several staff members are present.]

SCP-689: "It is not often that they put me with another subject."

SCP-2000: "It is the first instance for me."

SCP-689: "No matter though. You're just filth like the garbage that put us here."

SCP-2000: "You seem to not understand that you are talking to a lady."

SCP-689: "And you seem to not understand that putting lipstick on trash doesn't make it less trashy."

SCP-2000: "So you say I am the same as the six guards and two doctors surrounding us right now?"

SCP-689: "What?! They've entered my chamber?! Where?!"

SCP-2000: "We've had an agreement to keep them hidden from you. Perhaps if you were a gentleman, I would allow them to be seen by you."

SCP-689: "You disgusting filth! Show them to me now!" [Loud, repeated crashes are heard from SCP-689 making attempts to attack SCP-2000. It is undetermined how SCP-2000 is managing to escape harm.]

SCP-2000: "You are a puny little creature."

[SCP-689 lets out a pained growl as it shrinks to the size of a car.]

SCP-2000: "I am leaving you here." [The sound of metal scraping against metal is heard as it forces the door open, and then closes it behind it.]

[SCP-689 lets out another pained growl as it grows back to its original size, and screams are heard as it attacks the trapped personnel]

End of recording.

Note: It's been confirmed that SCP-2000 is highly willing to cooperate during containment breaches. During such instances, someone must ask (politely) for it's help with containment of Keter-class SCP's.


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